Press Glass, Inc. Laminated Glass products embody the perfect union of safety and style: a durable, high-performance and multi-functional building material with a reflective beauty that is unique to glass.

Featuring one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or other structural layer materials between multiple lites of glass, our laminated glass is subjected to a combination of heat and pressure to form a single construction.

This permanently bonded “sandwich” provides insulation from noise pollution and eliminates up to 99% of UV rays from sunlight. The most notable characteristic of laminated glass, however, is its ability to retain broken fragments that could otherwise cause serious injury. It is this property that earns laminated glass its place as a safety glazing material.

Laminated glass can also be used in hurricane glazing, bomb & blast resistance, and areas requiring resistance to forcible entry. For the most demanding applications, heat-treated glass can be laminated to provide an even stronger finished product.

Safety Certified

Press Glass, Inc. Safety Glazing Products are permanently marked with a logo that contains information regarding test standards, classification, thickness and location of manufacture. This logo also represents our commitment to excellence and is your assurance of quality and compliance with both ANSI Z97.1-2009 and 16 CPSC 1201 standards.